A Cheap & Awesome Girl’s Study Idea


Jason and Crystalina Evert published a book titled How To Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul.  They are currently making this book available at a huge discount when ordered by the case.  Right now you can order a a case of 44 books for only $2 each.  This book makes an excellent gift for young women and has really become a popular item through our Diocese.   I am male and have read most of the book and would say that the book is ideal for women that are considered young adults (ages 18-30) that are single.  I have several high school girls that are also very active in reading and encouraging their friends to read this book.

There is also a free study guide that is provided that would make this a great youth group women’s study idea.

Here’s some links!

Have you read the book or do you have other great ideas for a young women’s study?  Please share below!