A Curriculum Review – YDisciple


I have recently been reviewing curriculum for our Diocese in order that I can put out a new recommendation list for the parishes in our Diocese.  As a student at the Augustine Institute in Denver I am made aware of the many great things that are happening through the Institute and those involved in it.  Not too long ago, the Augustine Institute began promoting their new youth ministry based curriculum call YDisciple.  I have had a chance to review two of the current bundles that have been published (they have three out right now) and am excited to write our first review on it.

What Is It?

The YDisicple materials are very unique when compared to the other materials that are out there.  When you purchase a YDisciple bundle, you receive a youth leader guide, a student journal, and a set of DVD’s.  The bundle includes materials to lead four bible study sessions.  Each bundle has a theme that is covered for those four lessons.  The curriculum has been formed around the Discipleship model which is introduced in the first bundle.  In the two bundles that I received there is one DVD for each lesson and an extra DVD for the leader’s to be used as a training tool for themselves.  Each study is designed to show a DVD (possibly in large group) and then break into smaller Discipleship groups to reflect and lead the youth through the biblical message of each study.

How Is It Different?

YDisciple is very different for a couple of reasons.  First off, I have never seen a program written in way that is so clear on where you are beginning and where you want to go.  The bundles are being developed systematically to help lead the youth through and into the Discipleship process.  YDisciple is not something that you can just plug into your classroom curriculum that you are already using.  It is a program that changes the way your parish does ministry using extremely sound and proven methods that are common to most youth workers, but not always clearly articulated as they are in YDisciple.

Secondly, the absolute top reason I love YDisciple is because of the quality of training that it provides for the leaders.  Jim Beckman is one of the top names in Catholic Youth Ministry right now.  With each bundle, you get a disc of training that comes from the Youth Ministry Guru professor that teaches many of the Youth Ministry courses through the graduate program at AI.  It is excellent content that is taught at a level that any volunteer can grasp.  You can also gain access to tons of great courses and content for leaders through their website for a small annual fee.

What Else?

I place a great deal of respect on where a product originates from.  If you do not know about AI and who is involved in it, you should learn.  When you can approach your pastor with names like Jim Beckman, Tim Gray, and the Augustine Institute, it will not take long to convince them that it is worth the investment.

You can find out more about pricing and how the curriculum works through their website.  You can even take in a free training course that I highly recommend as well!

After speaking with Jim on the phone a little about this curriculum, I became very excited.  They have a great vision for the program and have tons more materials and products coming our way!

How About A Promo Video?

Sure!  Click on the image at the top of the post to watch their promo video!