A Retreat Letter FOR THE PARENTS!!

A Retreat Letter FOR THE PARENTS!

Each summer I have the great gift of being able to coordinate and lead our Diocesan summer camps.  This last summer I thought I would try something new as I wanted to find new ways to prep the parishes and families that the youth would return to after camp.  My idea for this past summer was to send a letter to the parents on the first day of camp.  The letter mostly encouraged the parents and invited them to be open to receiving the gift of their child when they meet up with them again.

Our camps are four days long so the day they checked-in we verified their information so we knew who to send the letter to and then the next morning the letters mailed out.

I was not planning on sharing this online, but have had an overwhelming response and am still receiving thank you’s from parents even five months after.

Want to see the letter?  Download it Here!