I am Catholic.

In my ten years of experience in youth ministry I have had the grace of incredible hope in the midst of years of youth ministry that was not nearly as fruitful as I thought it could be.  Now that I work at the Diocesan level, it has become incredibly clear to me how much work needs to be done and how much more fruitful our youth ministry efforts could be.

I have several success stories and probably 1,000 times as many failure stories.  I have created over 10 web sites focusing on Catholic Youth Ministry and working with several people in being able to offer something that could be of value.  After much prayer and discernment, I decided to narrow the focus down to one intentional topic, Youth Evangelization & Discipleship.  Pope Paul VI says that the Church exists “in order to evangelize.”  We have a mission and I intend to use this blog as a platform to further communicate that mission and help those who work in the church, especially those who work in youth ministry.

I believe that if we can study to teachings of the church, the history of youth ministry, and the call of our Holy Father to live out the New Evangelization, that we will find the recipe for a youth ministry that will bear fruit in ways we never thought possible.

I look forward to the journey and invite you to join me as I share my experiences and wisdom from the past and all that is to come in the coming years.

– Eric Gallagher