An Interview With Jeremy from ParentZilla & ParentMinistry.Net

Jeremy Lee Interview | Parent Ministry

Parent Ministry is a HUGE part of youth ministry.  If we are to effectively minister to the youth, we must understand the limitations with it.  We will never be nearly as effective in reaching teens as their parents are able to be.  Our role is to partner with the parents in their responsibility to minister to the youth (we wrote a little about that here).

Well there is a new force online that is making incredible resources available to those who work in youth ministry.  The two sites that I found incredible were and  After looking through the sites, I came up with a few questions for them that I thought would help elaborate on what they do and how they can help us out in Catholic Youth Ministry.

Here’s what they had to say:

Eric (CYM Hub): Most people who work in youth ministry know the need to include, inform and build relationships with parents.  What is best thing that Parent Ministry & ParentZilla offer that will help us to be able to do that?

Jeremy ( A strategic approach to doing it. gives a youth minister a significant Rite of Passage that parents can lead their teenager through each year.  It sets up youth ministers to be a true partner to the parent in passing down their faith.

Eric: In your experience, what have you seen that stands out in churches that have active parent ministry programs from those that do not?

Jeremy: The difference is depth.  The reality is that a teenager is most likely to live out their faith in adulthood when they were given spiritual support from their family.  Youth ministers who seek to make a lasting impact seek not just to reach teenagers but their families as well.

Eric: One of the biggest issues in youth ministry is that some parents just refuse to get involved.  How do your two web sites help reach those parents that are hardly active, if at all, in the faith life of their child?

Jeremy: and gives the youth minister tons of content to offer the parents.  Instead of getting frustrated with parents that are too busy, go to them where they are: online. is directed to the youth minister.  It is meant to fill their bucket with a strategy to connect with parents. is directed straight to the parent.  They work together perfectly!  It’s all online.  It’s all customizable.  It’s personal.  And we have seen that it works.

Eric: How can we learn more and stay involved in what you are doing?

Jeremy: Both of the sites are subscription based.  Each one has the opportunity to “try out” a subscription for a period of time.  I encourage all of your reader’s to take me up on my offer to let you try it out and if you don’t like it I will refund the money.  I believe in the products and I am willing to back it up.

Eric: Thank you Jeremy for all that you are doing.

So…you should definitely check it out.  These sites are not specifically geared towards Catholic Youth Ministry, but I believe they can be an incredble resource.

If you want to follow more of what Jeremy is doing with these sites, visit them and  sign up for the email newsletter or check out any of these links: