Arcade Cowboy Youth Ministry Skit


This is a youth ministry skit that really has no major theme and can be used just for fun.  It has been a hit every time we use it and those who have seen it several times still seem to find it funny.


You need three people.  Two guys and a girl.  One guy and the girl are a dating couple and the other guy is a cowboy arcade machine.


The only real supplies you need are two toy guns or water guns.  A cowboy costume for the game is a good bonus and anything you can do to make it obvious that the cowboy is an arcade.


The guy and the girl just finished up on a date and come across an arcade machine.  The guy wants to play the game and tries several times.  The girlfriend gets extremely frustrated that the boy wants to continue playing the game.

How It Goes

Start with the cowboy walking up front, taking position ready to fire the gun, and saying it’s regular line to ‘get people playing’ the game.  Everytime the game is not being played, the cowboy says:

“So you think your tough huh? Well put a quarter in me and see how tough you really are”

After the cowboy has went through the line a few times, the boy and girl walk in raving about their date and how much fun they had.  The guy gets distracted by the game and talks the girl in to letting him play.  She finally lets him play.  They go through this routine several times and each time the guys loses because of weird situations happening with the game (described below).

Each time the guy puts a quarter in the cowboy, the cowboy says:

On the count of three, grab the gun and shoot.  1…2…

Here’s how it plays out.

The first time the guy puts a quarter in, the cowboy says the line and counts all the way to three.  When the guy tries to pull the gun out it is stuck.

So the guy gets mad because the gun was stuck and thinks he can still beat the cowboy.  The next time he pulls the gun out before hand and tries again.  This time the cowboy shoots on two.

The third time the guy is ready to shoot right after the count of two and when the cowboy says two he bends over and acts as if he is broken down.  The guy get very frustrated and starts complaining to the girl.  After a short while the cowboy stands up straight again and says “3” and shoots.

Now the girl is furious.  They have spent $.75 on the game and it keep messing up.  The guy spends some time convincing the girl that he just wants to try one more time.  The girl thinks it is pointless and just wants to go home.  She is complaining the whole time the guys is getting ready to play.  This time the cowboy counts all the way to three and both the cowboy and the guy shoot the girl.


  • The cowboy should always be saying his line while the guy and the girl are talking/fighting about playing the game again.
  • The irritation of the girl plays a huge part and the guy just really wants to BEAT the cowboy.
  • Using water guns helps a lot and makes the skit a lot better.

Discuss any other forms of this skit and any other tips you may have below!


  • I love this skit! We used to do it with two arcade cowboys and no girlfriend. After the third time (or maybe it was the third time–I don’t remember for sure) the guy thought he would finally get the cowboy and stands between the two cowboys with the gun pointed at the first cowboy’s head (the one he put the quarter in) all ready to shoot on three. Before he can shoot the other cowboy shoots him in the head. He stomps off mad.