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$10 Shop Credit to First 20 Questions Asked

As you may have found out through our email newsletter, we have a new section on our website encourage you to ask questions and help other Catholic Youth Ministers out by answering their questions as well. Well getting these new efforts up and running at the start is always difficult as some people are  a […]

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Shoe Game

Materials Needed Music (music must be loud, game gets loud and people need to hear it stop) Directions This is probably one of the greatest games for retreat type atmosphere when you need to lighten things up a little bit.  To start have group of between 6-8 people form a circle.  You can just have […]

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Everyone Needs A Coach

This is a great clip from Facing The Giants.  There are many things you could discuss with this clip, but the one that stuck out to me was the need to have someone in your life pushing you, especially in your faith.  You need someone to hold you accountable in becoming the person that are […]

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