This Catholic youth ministry game is very simple, requires just a little prep, but can be done several times.

Materials Needed – Notecards

Have everyone site in a circle or in a line.  What you will do is you will have cards pre-made that have a category and one answer to that category on it.  Starting with one person they have to name something from that category in five seconds or less.  There are three ways they can get out:

1. Say something that someone else has said

2. Not be able to come up with something in five seconds or less

3. They say the answer on the card

You have one answer on the card because the kids think it’s crazy when the first person gets out.  Play until you are down to one player.

Example To Use

  • States in the U.S.
  • Church Staff Member Names
  • Holidays
  • Positions in Football (or any sport)
  • Youth Group Family Member Names
  • Letters in the Alphabet
  • U.S. Presidents
  • Priests in the Diocese or Past Parish Priests
  • Gifts or Fruits of the Holy Spirit
  • Past Youth Group Games

Bonus Twist

We did the same game one time except no one got out.   It just the leader had a glass of water in their hand.  Instead of the person getting out, they got soaked.  Just think of some form of ‘appropriate’ punishment and then no one has to get out.

Share your different category examples and ‘appropriate’ punishments in the comments section below.