Lenten Catholic Youth Ministry Ideas


We hope this will become an ongoing list from year-to-year, but here are a few things you should definitely check out when preparing for this Lent as a youth minister, DRE, or volunteer in a parish.  If you have more, please let us know in the comments section below! Lessons/Curriculum/Resources Lent Companion - by Lifeteen [...]

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Unique Advent Calendars


One of the great things about the Catholic Church is the beautiful tradition that lies within in.  This year, there are two organizations (that we have found so far) that put together unique Advent Calendars.  Advent Calendars work in a way that you are only supposed to open one day at a time in excitement [...]

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YouTube Subscriptions & Who To Follow


I was recently checking out some of my favorites on YouTube and thought it would be a good resource to share with you.  We have been really digging into YouTube a little lately to start beefing up our new site "Youth Ministry Videos."  This site is just another small step in the tons of resources [...]

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