BlockPoster Game

I recently discovered this site that will create PDF files that blow up pictures in to multiple page files.  It can take a regular...

Act of Contrition

1/2 page print out that can be used for confessions. Open Act of Contrition (.pdf)

Search & Find

This is a great way to get people to find their small groups. This was used for a Freshman Catholic School retreat and...

How to Lead a Small Group with Students – Video by Tom Lelyo

This a great new Catholic Youth Ministry Training video from Tom Lelyo that can be used to help train and form your youth ministry in leading small groups. Tom goes through 10 practical tips that will help any small group leader think about how they are leading. This is an excellent introductory video that hits dead on many of the rookie mistakes made in youth ministry small groups.

The Seven Sacraments

A great new youth ministry video from OutsideDaBox on the Seven Sacraments.  You can purchase this from them here.

Spit It Out Junior! – Small Group Icebreaker

This youth ministry small group activity is a great way to crack open a quiet group.  It does take a little preparation but is...
Towel Throw Youth Ministry Game

Towel Throw

Here’s a quick game that works in almost any setting…plus everybody gets to play. All you need is a hand towel (or dish towel)....

Youth Ministry Mascot

This is a hilarious video just for your youth ministry enjoyment. If you could have a mascot for your youth group, what would you have?