Prayer 90X

The video jokes on how praying the wrong way can be unfruitful and you do not need to learn to pray more often, just that you need to learn to pray there truth in that?
Youth Group Skit Improv Lines

Skit Improv Lines – Creative youth group skits from scratch

I recently led a retreat for a confirmation class and was wanting to try something a little bit different with skits.  Retreatant led skits...

What If Starbucks Marketed Like The Church?

Richard Reising from put out this great video that shows a humorous but actually very sad reality of how silly some of our...

Video: Mary in Two Minutes

Another great video from the "2 minute" series from Busted Halo.  This video goes through several of the fundamental Catholic beliefs about May in...

Arcade Cowboy Youth Ministry Skit

This is a youth ministry skit that really has no major theme and can be used just for fun. It has been a hit every time we use it and those who have seen it several times still seem to find it funny.
Buzz -Youth Ministry Game


A number game for any size group.  It is an elimination game or a competition game for several different groups to see who can...

Video: The Altar Server

A new incredible video on being an altar server.  This would be an incredible video to show when teaching on the Mass.
This is So Much Fun - Game

Game: This Is So Much Fun

This is a hilarious youth ministry game that someone showed me this last summer at camp.  You need NO supplies and can do it...