Youth Group Fundraiser – The JAIL!


This youth group fundraiser has been the most profitable and most consistent fundraiser that we did at our parish.  It is also a great fundraiser that involves both youth and adults.  Some of the elders in the parish were not necessarily to fond of it, but that never stopped us from doing it. The concept [...]

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POP Fridge


This is just a quick little fundraiser idea that we have used.  Our youth group bought a smaller fridge and filled it only with pop and water.  It is not a dorm room fridge but is about half of the size of a normal fridge.  We buy 12 packs of pop and sometimes bottles, put [...]

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Lawn Frogs


A great fundraiser that you can do each year that has proven to bring in lots of money.  Put wooden frogs in people's lawn and have them donate to get rid of them and send them to another person's house. Pring Frog Fundraiser (.pdf)

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