Pin Guard - Youth Ministry Game

Game: Pin Guard

I am coming to the realization that the game that our youth group played more than anything is not well known by other youth...

Icebreaker: Banana Pass

This is pretty clever youth ministry icebreaker that I found while searching YouTube for some ideas. Icebreaker Instructions Have two or more teams.  Have them lie...
Saints Jeoparody | All Saints Youth Ministry Game

Saints JeoPARODY | An Awesome Powerpoint Game For All Saint’s Day!

One of my favorite approaches to youth ministry was taught to me by a dear friend and mentor. He always told me to, “trick...
Throw Down | Catholic Youth Ministry Icebreaker

Game: Throw Down

This is a simple icebreaker that I have used several times.  It is great in that it requires people to share about themselves, but...
Tape Head - Catholic Youth Ministry Game

Game: Tape Head

This game is one of the more funnier games to watch.  It is very simple but is wide open for variations. Supplies Needed Hats (usually...
Host Live Texting Polls With Your Youth Group

Host Live Texting Polls With Your Youth Group

If you have never seen this before it's a pretty cool toy and resource that can be used for many different things in youth...
Slip-n-Slide | Catholic Youth Ministry Resources

How To Make Your Own Slip-N-Slide

After just getting off of coordinating three weeks worth of Diocesan camps I am pretty fired up to share many of the things that...
Larry, Curly, & Moe - Catholic Youth Ministry Game

Larry, Curly, & Moe Game

This is a youth ministry game that we started playing about two years ago and is always a great game because it is quick to put together, the supplies are minimal and it is extremely competitive and engaging.