Pterodactyl – The New Weird Youth Ministry Game


This is fairly new game that has made it's way into the youth ministry world.  The kids introduced it to me.  It is sure to lighten people up, embarrass some, but most of have a ton of fun. Materials Needed None Ideal Number of People 2-20 How It Works To begin, everyone will stand or [...]

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Brain Fry


This is one of the weirdest/craziest youth ministry games that requires no set up, no supplies, and typically 5-20 people. The more people the better I think. Everyone sits in a circle and everyone works as a team to stack as many layers of chaos as they can and can handle before your brains are [...]

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Ninja – The Youth Ministry Game That is Taking Over…


...You may have seen this game before and not really understood what was going on. The game is called Ninja. It is an extremely easy game to figure out and explain but can take a lifetime to master. Youth Ministers like it simply because they will play and analyze it more than anyone else, ensuring that they could beat any youngster up for the challenge...

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Lifesaver Pass


This youth ministry game is a favorite and very simple. Buy some lifesavers and toothpicks. All of the youth are given a toothpick and put in to teams with even numbers and each team is given a lifesaver. Have all of the teams stand in a line. When the youth leader says go, the youth [...]

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Coke Relay #1


We have done tons of different versions of coke relays, but this is definitely the one that has stuck out as the best. This youth group relay is extremely messy but something the youth will definitely remember. Give each group a 6 pack or 12 pack of coke and a pen. Have a pitcher or [...]

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Stack-O-Cups Relay


Supplies Needed - Lots of Plastic Cups. 15-20 of one color per team and one of another color per team. This is a quick and easy youth ministry game that can be used as a relay or if you have a smaller group can be done with everyone against everyone. I actually got this idea [...]

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