Read the YouCat in 180 Days

Read The YouCat in 180 Days

A simple printout to challenge your youth to getting through the entire YouCat in 180 days by reading only 2-3 questions per day.  A...

Faith Involvement Checklist

Uses the acronym H.A.B.I.T.S. to teach youth how to do a check-up on their faith activity. Print Faith Involvement Checklist (.pdf) Three Printouts Double-Sided per Sheet.
Printable Memorare Prayer Card

Printable Memorare Prayer Cards

One thing I love to do in youth ministry is to ensure that I am always giving something to the youth that they will...
Printable Nicene Creed Handouts

Handout: Nicene Creed Printable Handout

I needed to make something up to hand out to a group of youth while we did a lesson on the Profession of Faith....
A Retreat Letter FOR THE PARENTS!

A Retreat Letter FOR THE PARENTS!!

Each summer I have the great gift of being able to coordinate and lead our Diocesan summer camps.  This last summer I thought I...
Yes I'm Here Cards - Youth Group Attendance Idea

Yes I’m Here Cards – Youth Ministry Attendance Idea

One of the best things I began doing in my youth group is that each week I would have all of the youth fill...