Making Eggs – Youth Ministry Skit

The basic jist of this skit is that there is a director that is trying to get the rest of the group to act out a skit called 'Making Eggs.'
The Narrator Skit - Catholic Youth Ministry Skits

The Narrator Skit

The Narrator Skit is a simple skit that has little set up time, little preparation, and can have up to weeks of clean-up depending on the narrator. The general idea is having a main person, usually with a cool voice, as the narrator. Their job is to be the only person to speak throughout the skit and tell everyone else what to do.

Arcade Cowboy Youth Ministry Skit

This is a youth ministry skit that really has no major theme and can be used just for fun. It has been a hit every time we use it and those who have seen it several times still seem to find it funny.
Youth Group Skit Improv Lines

Skit Improv Lines – Creative youth group skits from scratch

I recently led a retreat for a confirmation class and was wanting to try something a little bit different with skits.  Retreatant led skits...

Movie Theatre Skit

This is a popular ‘just for fun’ skit.  You need anywhere from 6-10 people, depending on how much time you have. In a nutshell it...

Nervous Caterpillar

This is probably my favorite 'anytime' skit there is. You need about 4-5 people to be the caterpillar, one person to be the owner of...

Christ Like Zone

This is a way of showing youth the difference of how a Christian acts compared to how people act when Christ is not involved...