The Narrator Skit


The Narrator Skit is a simple skit that has little set up time, little preparation, and can have up to weeks of clean-up depending on the narrator. The general idea is having a main person, usually with a cool voice, as the narrator. Their job is to be the only person to speak throughout the skit and tell everyone else what to do.

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Skit Improv Lines – Creative youth group skits from scratch


I recently led a retreat for a confirmation class and was wanting to try something a little bit different with skits.  Retreatant led skits are becoming a bigger thing for me because I am learning how much it builds teams and opens people up a little quicker.  It also brings out some gifts of acting, [...]

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Movie Theatre Skit


This is a popular ‘just for fun’ skit.  You need anywhere from 6-10 people, depending on how much time you have. In a nutshell it is a skit where there is one line of seats at the movies and a couple arrives a little late in to the movie and there are only two seats [...]

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Nervous Caterpillar


This is probably my favorite 'anytime' skit there is. You need about 4-5 people to be the caterpillar, one person to be the owner of the caterpillar, and a volunteer. You will also need a glass of water. To make a caterpillar have the 4-5 people stand behind each other, put their heads down, and [...]

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Christ Like Zone


This is a way of showing youth the difference of how a Christian acts compared to how people act when Christ is not involved in their decisions. Each group will do a skit that has two endings based on a theme that you give them. The first ending will be the 'Non-Christian' way. They will [...]

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