Video: Ocean of Mercy – Chris Stefanick

A great youth ministry video from Chris Stefanick on God's love and mercy.

Video: Tolerance by Chris Stefanick

A great new Catholic Youth Ministry Video on Tolerance by Chris Stefanick.   In this video, Chris talks about absolute truth and tolerance.  A...

Virtue Makes You Beautiful

This group does an excellent job re-writing the words and performing to the song What Makes Beautiful by One Direction.  They put a twist...

What If Starbucks Marketed Like The Church?

Richard Reising from put out this great video that shows a humorous but actually very sad reality of how silly some of our...

The Seven Sacraments

A great new youth ministry video from OutsideDaBox on the Seven Sacraments.  You can purchase this from them here.

God’s Transforming Power

This is an excellent youth ministry video on God's love. The video moves from people disgusted by their sin to recognizing God's great love.

Dove: Real Beauty Sketches

An incredible new video from Dove of an artist that draws people as they see themselves and also as other people see them.  The...

Video: Holy Week in Two Minutes

Another great 2 minute video by Busted Halo.  This time to help us teach about Holy Week.  This video and the other two minute...