Video: The Altar Server

A new incredible video on being an altar server.  This would be an incredible video to show when teaching on the Mass.
Bigger or Better Game

Game: Bigger or Better

This is a community youth ministry game where the youth will be going door to door.  It is best to send the kids in...

Video: Mary in Two Minutes

Another great video from the "2 minute" series from Busted Halo.  This video goes through several of the fundamental Catholic beliefs about May in...

Video: What is Advent? Gangnam Style!

Xt3 has put out this new video as a great resource to be used for Advent. The focus of the video is that Advent is NOT about the business that the culture can sometimes draw us into, but that Advent is about waiting. When you are done watching the video, you should also check out their online advent calendar and a few others that we found here.
A Retreat Letter FOR THE PARENTS!

A Retreat Letter FOR THE PARENTS!!

Each summer I have the great gift of being able to coordinate and lead our Diocesan summer camps.  This last summer I thought I...

Video: A Day In The Life Of A Seminarian

A great video put out by the Washington Arch Diocese on the day average day in the life of a seminarian.  Definitely a great...

Video: Advent in Two Minutes

I realized we were lacking in good Advent resources on our site.  This is another great video put out by Busted Halo. You can view...
Bunny Bunny Toki Toki - Youth Ministry Game

Game: Bunny Bunny Toki Toki

I was in a meeting this past summer at one of summer missionary training times and heard a crazy game going on outside.  When...