Exploring YouCat – A Great Online YouCat Study Guide

Online YouCat Study Course

I stumbled upon an excellent resource today as I have been looking for things to help youth and young adults dive more deeply into the YouCat.  It will be well worth your time to check out this resource from Newman Connection.  It is by far, one of the best online resources I have found to study not only the YouCat, but if you want a place for young adults to learn more about their faith, this site has exceeded any expectations of what I was hoping to find.

Short Lessons

The Exploring YouCat course has great bite-size lessons for youth to go through in order to study the YouCat.  Each lesson requires reading a small section of the YouCat, watching a couple of short videos (usually around 10 minutes in length), and then taking a quiz on that lesson.

Excellent Media

The videos are professional quality and the content is great.  They are meaty so it is definitely targeting at those youth who are desiring to study and learn more.


The quizzes provide excellent opportunity to evaluate your learning.

Newman Challenge Points

The site requires you to have an account (which can be done through social networking profiles very easily), and they not only help you keep track of your progress overtime by green icons, but they give you points that accumulate and help you to see how you stack up with others going through the course.


Lastly, there is an area for each lesson to discuss questions with others and to enjoy a wider learning community.

The Newman Connection has set a new standard with this course and as I look around their site, I can help but find more and more great things.  All those who work in youth ministry should definitely check this out and share it with any youth, young adults, or even Catechists, that are interested in learning more about their faith and studying the YouCat more intensely.

Where Do We Find It?

Check it out HERE!




  • Steve

    Thank you so much for this! The YOUCAT dawned on me (God inspired) the other day while looking through it to use this as a study guide for our Year of Faith! So glad that I found this!