Facebook Fan Pages For Catholic Youth Ministers To Like

Facebook Fan Pages For Catholic Youth Minister To Like

Welcome to my library of Facebook Fan Pages for Catholic Youth Ministers to Like.  I love “liking” fan pages as a way to stay up-to-date on what people are doing.  Each year I plan to revisit this list and add more.  If you notice I am missing someone, please add them in the comments section below so that others can see it and I can check it out!

You can also find our YouTube list & Twitter list (coming soon!) as well.

Also, I only go through these once a year, because if I “like” a page and find out they are incredibly annoying or useless, then I would rather not recommend them.

Note: Some of these are not specifically Catholic Youth Ministry or even Catholic (or even youth ministry).  They are all pages that I have enjoyed and think those in Catholic Youth Ministry might as well.

First off, I am a little bias of these:

  1. Catholic Youth Ministry Hub
  2. Youth Ministry Videos
  3. Discussing Stuff

My 2012 List

  1. Bob Rice
  2. Mike Patin
  3. Christian Association of Youth Mentoring
  4. Newman Connection
  5. Opening The Word (Augustine Institute)
  6. Sean Forrest
  7. New Apologetics
  8. Canadian Youth Worker
  9. Smarter Youth Ministry
  10. Likeable Art
  11. Father Robert Barron
  12. Adore Ministries
  13. Catholic Link
  14. ParentZilla
  15. Imagine Sisters
  16. Xt3
  17. Cultivation Ministries
  18. Brandon Vogt
  19. ParentMinistry.Net
  20. NFCYM
  21. Chris Padgett

My 2011 List

  1. Mark Hart (The Bible Geek)
  2. Simply Youth Ministry
  3. Lifeteen
  4. Skit Guys
  5. NCCYM
  6. Average Youth Ministry
  7. Youthmin.org
  8. Youth Leader Stash
  9. One Time Blind
  10. Only 144
  11. FOCUS
  12. Catholic Tech Talk
  13. Youth Ministry Ideas
  14. Leah Darrow

Again, please add your own favorites in the comments section below!

  • John Schmitt

    This is SUPER!!! Thank you for the list!!! I will re-post the blog post to my own fanpage!!! 🙂

  • Xt3 team :)

    Awesome list, we wil share it with our followers!

  • Xt3 team :)

    *will – sorry about the typo