Host Live Texting Polls With Your Youth Group

Host Live Texting Polls With Your Youth Group

If you have never seen this before it’s a pretty cool toy and resource that can be used for many different things in youth ministry.  How it works is very simple.  Beforehand, you can set up a poll or question that you wish for your youth group to answer.  During youth group you show the question on the big screen and have participants text their answer to a certain number that is shown on the screen.  As the program receives the texts, the results appear live on the screen.


At a training I was doing I teaching them about the game two truths and a lie.  I put two truths and one lie about me up on the screen and had everyone text in which one they thought was the lie.  Then after all of the votes were in, we revealed the answer.

I looked at several organizations that you can do this through and the best one that I found was Poll Everywhere.  The great thing about them is if you have 40 people or less that will be voting, the service is free.

What You Need

  • An account with Poll Everywhere
  • A computer with internet access
  • A screen and way of projecting the results on the screen
  • Youth with cell phones

For more details just check out the website for Poll Everywhere.  There are many different features that can be used.

What are some other things you could use this service for in your youth group?  Are there other ways that you are using texting as a tool in youth ministry?  Please share below!


  • I’ve used this and it works great! It’s also a cool way to get kids excited about the week’s meeting. I’ll post the question on our Facebook page during the week and invite them to vote BEFORE the meeting too. Good times!

  • Quint Pease

    We used this last April at one of our final CCD classes and the kids loved it. We used it as a final group test of knowledge. I don’t think I will use it often, but every now and then is alright. Teachers/group leaders, etc. often turn a blind eye to kids and cellphones. I say, meet them at where they are and you will have their full attention.

    • Agreed Quint! Believe or not this is one type of technology that kids these days actually find pretty cool! It’s hard to find things that can still be attractive and entertaining media-wise with youth.