How To Make Your Own Slip-N-Slide

Slip-n-Slide | Catholic Youth Ministry Resources

After just getting off of coordinating three weeks worth of Diocesan camps I am pretty fired up to share many of the things that have not been shared on our sites before.  I started making a list of things and figured I would start with an easy one.

We have been doing a slip-n-slide at our camps for as many years as I can remember.  After this summer, I am finally starting to realize how easy it is to set up and how much fun the kids actually have on it.  I will break the news to you gently, there is no secret online youth ministry store that sells amazing slip-n-slides that can outdo anyone else’s (if there is, let me know that would awesome!).  All that you need is a really large piece of plastic or what we do is we just bought the largest tarp that we could find.  Now we have 100 kids and 40 counselors that are using it at the same time so you may not need one as big as the one we used, but the bigger the better.  Tarps are very sturdy and we have used ours for the two years and it still has lots of life in it.

So here are your Slip-N-Slide supplies:

  1. Really large tarp or piece of plastic
  2. Stakes (if tarp is used)
  3. Lot’s a baby shampoo (use instead of other options because it is tear-free)
  4. Water

That is all that we use.  The trick is to get the tarp wet, pour on the baby shampoo and then slide.  You will want lots of baby shampoo to keep it nice and slick, but just be careful not to run the hose on it too much or you will be needed to re-apply.

Coming soon I will share with you our top three games to play on the slip-n-slide!


Image courtesy of freeloosedirt on Flickr.