Lawn Frogs


A great fundraiser that you can do each year that has proven to bring in lots of money.  Put wooden frogs in people’s lawn and have them donate to get rid of them and send them to another person’s house.

Pring Frog Fundraiser (.pdf)

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Eric Gallagher (@ericjgallagher) has over 12 years of experience in full-time youth ministry in the Diocese of Sioux Falls where he currently serves as the Director of Youth Discipleship & Evangelization for the Diocese. Eric is a husband and father of four. He primarily blogs over at
  • 1. Make sub sandwiches and sell them for $3 a piece. If you don’t put the condiments/toppings on them, they can be frozen. We did this with white buns and 3 meats & cheese with a parishioner who owns a local restaurant (whole sale prices).

    2. Soup recipes in a jar; this is a good one for before Christmas as it makes a great gift and the older ladies love them! Just like cookie recipes but with dry soup ingredients.

    3. Invest in your youth. Sell “stock” to the locals but the profit is in the youth of the church. Have a meeting of “stock-holders” to tell them all about what you’ve been able to do with their donations.