Making Eggs – Youth Ministry Skit


I was shocked when I double checked to see if I have put this skit online yet.  Not sure how common it is.  I know it has been around for awhile in the youth ministry programs I have been involved in.  We plan to use this skit through our summer programs as we speak about God’s Narration of the World!  It is a great youth ministry skit to get adults and leaders involved and to open them up a bit to the group through a little drama!

What You Need

  • Five actors
  • A large mixing bowl and a spatuala or beater


The basic jist of this skit is that there is a director that is trying to get the rest of the group to act out a skit called ‘Making Eggs.’  They go through it several times and the director cuts them off and asks them to do it differently each time.  The actors are extremely dramatic in how they respond to the director’s requests.  They go through the skit several times before the director gets frustrated and leaves.

How it is Acted Out

I will start by going through the basic skit that the actors are trying to perform.

  • (Stage begins with mom up front stirring eggs)
  • Child (walks up to mom): Hey what are you doing?
  • Mom: Making Eggs
  • Child: Cool!  Can I have some?
  • Mom: Uh…ok.
  • Child (tastes eggs with finger, gets immediately sick, and falls to the floor as if they died)
  • Mom: OH NO!  (picks up phone and calls 911)  Please help! My child is sick.
  • (Two or three ambulance people coming rushing in making siren noises, they pick up the kid and start carrying them to the back)
  • Director stops them and complains about how bad they are acting.

So this is what happens several times.

The skit starts with the director having them do ‘Take 1.’  The director is really excited and has a lot of energy.  The first time the actors act out ‘Making Eggs’ it is just boring and pretty slow.  Then each time the director chooses a different key word that they want the actors to try.

A common transition between tries would be:

  • 1st Time – Boring
  • 2nd Time – Be a little more ‘energetic’ (acts out really fast and overly excited)
  • 3rd Time – Need to slow things down.  Keep the excitement but slow things down (actors are in slow motion)
  • 4th Time – Takes it as they are mocking the director and asks them to act like adults (actors are very intelligent)
  • 5th Time – Way too adult-like, bring it down just a notch (actors all act like babies)

Anyway, you get the point.  You probably do not want to do it more than 5 or 6 times.  At the end of the last one the director, throws down their clipboard and walks out of the room.

Have more ideas to add to this skit?  Post them in the comments section below!

  • Crystal M.

    Can you expand a little on what you discuss as the main themes after this skit (God’s narration of the world)? — What should the kids get from it?

    • Crystal,

      The skit is more of an icebreaker for the overall lesson.  Our theme was on God’s Narration and wrote a three session lesson plan out of it.  Will be adding that lesson to the site soon!

  • Mary Romero Sweeney

    I don’t get the point of this.