This is a popular ‘just for fun’ skit.  You need anywhere from 6-10 people, depending on how much time you have.

In a nutshell it is a skit where there is one line of seats at the movies and a couple arrives a little late in to the movie and there are only two seats available, one at each end of the row.  So the skit is about the couple trying to communicate during the movie.  The order you set people up and how you develop the characters is essential to making this skit hilarious.

A Basic order for the chairs that work out well is.

Seat 1 – Guy (nice guy, in love with girl)
Seat 2 – Old Lady (married to old Man, pretty normal, but talks like an old lady)
Seat 3 – Old Man (married to old Lady, very hard of hearing, find the things his wife does very cute)
Seat 4 – Geek (irritated by old man, very scared of Jock)
Seat 5 – Tough Jock (very mean, impatient, attracted to girl)
Seat 6 – Girl (normal girl, in love with guy)

So, starting with Seat 2, have the old couple come in and start watching the movie, then the geek, then the jock.  Use this time at the beginning and while each person finds their seat to start bringing out some of the characteristics of each person.  They can meet each other and talk a bit.  Once the movie starts than have the couple come out.  They can ask the jock to scoot down and he says no.  So they politely sit separately.

After everyone is seated the main theme is that the guy tries to communicate and send things to his girlfriend.  The theme is to draw out the awkward situations that it brings up.  Everything that is passed down is passed one person at a time.

You can do whatever you want but here is what we typically do.

First – Guy asks how the girl is doing, she sends back ‘fine’
Second – Guy asks if she wants food, she sends back ‘fine’
Third – Guy sends down popcorn or food and it is eaten by the others before she gets it
Fourth – Do the same for a drink
Fifth – The guys puts his arm around the old Lady and asks her to pass it down.
Sixth – The guys sends down a kiss.

How we typically end it is when the girl is kissed by the jock, she slaps him and walks out.  Then that gets passed all the way down and people get up and walk out each time, leaving the guy alone.  The guy can shrug his shoulders and walk out too.

A great skit for any youth ministry.

Please comment below with any other ideas or ways you have done this skit!