Nervous Caterpillar


This is probably my favorite ‘anytime’ skit there is.

You need about 4-5 people to be the caterpillar, one person to be the owner of the caterpillar, and a volunteer. You will also need a glass of water.

To make a caterpillar have the 4-5 people stand behind each other, put their heads down, and put a blanket over all of them so you can only see from their knees down.  Have them practice walking around a little bit.

The skit is like a talent show or circus where the owner is showing off the many tricks that the caterpillar can do.   To start off since the caterpillar will need to warm up a bit, the owner can say how sometimes the caterpillar gets a little nervous when doing his tricks.

So have the caterpillar do the tricks like walk forward, walk backward, raise all of it’s right feet, left feet, etc.  You can do several tricks and make some up as you go.

For the final trick the caterpillar is going to jump over one of the volunteers from the audience.  So get a volunteer (someone you know will not mind getting wet) and have them lay on the floor.  The owner will let the audience know that this is the hardest trick for the caterpillar and remind them that he does get nervous and that he hasn’t done this trick too many times.

When the caterpillar walks over the volunteer, someone under the blanket (towards the back) has been holding the glass of water the whole time.  They spill the water all over the volunteer making it look like the caterpillar went to bathroom all over them.

That’s it!

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