POP Fridge


This is just a quick little fundraiser idea that we have used.  Our youth group bought a smaller fridge and filled it only with pop and water.  It is not a dorm room fridge but is about half of the size of a normal fridge.  We buy 12 packs of pop and sometimes bottles, put a jar next to it, and have it for sale all the time.  Several great things have come from this:

  1. We make money off of the pop and use that to fund our other youth group activities
  2. The parish staff at the office love it and probably actually buy more pop than the youth do.
  3. Our youth have their daily dose of caffeine before we kick off the night.
  4. We can give away free pop as prizes which makes it easy to get prizes for events and games.  For some reason they fight hard when they are fighting for a Mountain Dew.

Just a simple little thing that is usually easy to approve and get started.  Just be sure to watch the inventory and the money.  It is nearly impossible to lose money on the deal.  Watch for specials on pop and load up, give a student the duty of filling the fridge weekly, and your kids will be grateful.