Let This Change You – To Save A Life Movie


Hopefully most Catholic youth ministers have seen the ‘To Save A Life Movie’ by now. I personally loved the movie. Of course, there was a little shot at the Catholic priest (just a little one) but overall it lit a little fire under me, especially when watching it with several of the kids.

The movie has put out two clips that you can get from their youth leaders web site. I have written up a quick discussion on the clip they gave with the scene when the main character stands up at youth group and is frustrated because no one is taking the youth pastor seriously. His life is changing, but he does not see anyone else changing. His is frustrated because the one place he should be able to go to learn about God and not be judged is just like anywhere else.

This youth group quick discussion just helps facilitate discussion among youth group members on how they can make the youth group more inviting.

Stuff You Will Want/Need:

Let This Change You – Quick Discussion – (.pdf)

To Save A Life Leader Page – With Video Clips

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