A New Online Youth Ministry Conference – re:Build

Re:Build - Catholic Youth Ministry Conference
Re:Build - Catholic Youth Ministry Conference

In great anticipation for the next re:Build Conference on April 19th, we wanted to bring attention to the ministry of Rebuild My Church and decided to ask them a few questions. Enjoy the interview below!

In a few sentences can you describe what re:Build is?

re:Build is the major project of www.rebuildmychurch.org.  It is a series of free online conferences focused on Catholic Youth Ministry across the English speaking world.  It features 6-7 speakers who present ideas on how we can rework, rethink, or rebuild our ministries to better serve Christ and His Holy Church.  Participants are invited to dialogue through social media and other web based forums.

Why would you say re:Build exists?  What needs are being met?

At its core I would say that re:Build exists to create a global sharing of gifts and wisdom in the Catholic Youth Ministry community.  The two primary needs that are being met are an accessibility and diversity of thought.  YMs who can’t afford to go to a national conference or bring in speakers are suddenly able to. This is something we are very dedicated to.  We are equally committed to bringing in great presenters from across genders, ethnicities, backgrounds, and geography. This helps draw YMs out of their Ministerial Silos and helps them look at their ministry through new eyes.

Of those who simply view or follow re:Build and it’s ministry, what is some of the feedback you are getting?

Overwhelmingly positive, but helpfully critical. We really see these conferences as an open collaboration between our leadership team, the speakers, and the 400+ participants.  The speakers are immediately available for questions and feedback through the online dialogue, and we work hard to highlight great statements, thoughts, and questions as we moderate and facilitate the conversation. A lot of our biggest growth points and ideas for the next conference come from viewers.

What does re:Build look like to you in the next five or ten years?

Whatever the Spirit has in store we are open to. We will also be forming a board of directors in the next 6 months to help us figure some of the specifics, but we have some great plans based on feedback we have received. Specifically we hope to start a version of the conference for youth.  It will have a different focus, but similar flavor to the current conference. We are also kicking around the idea of one for young adults.  We also plan to continually improve the quality of the event as support and technology allow us.  We would also love to create a space for ongoing online collaboration around ideas.

You will be hosting your second re:Build conference on April 19th.  Can you tell us a little about what we can expect from that conference and how we can get involved?

More great speakers, improved interactive components, more time for dialogue, and bathroom breaks(this was a key piece of feedback).  If you are interested in attending please register, by going to the website and scroll down to the registration tab. Or just Click Here.  We are also already starting to plan on our next event so if you are interested in being on our event team, speaking at, or sponsoring the event drop us a line.

How can our followers connect with and stay involved in what re:Build is doing?

You can Like us on Facebook, follow the #Iwillrebuild Hashtag on Twitter, and subscribe to our blog for formal announcements. For behind the scenes info go watch Scott Miller’s Catholic Youth Ministry Blog, or Like Perpetual Motion Ministry on Facebook.  If you want to get in touch with us directly just drop us an email at rebuild@perpetualministry.com.

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