Resource Interview: Jim Merhaut from Fashioning Faith

Fashioning Faith - Lifelong Faith Formation

The Center for Ministry Development (CMD) has been known for putting out great content in many different areas.  They have a section on their website that is devoted to Lifelong Faith Formation.  After reviewing some of the materials available through their site on the Fashioning Faith resource, we were very intrigued and excited about the vision they have for Fashioning Faith, so we decided to ask a few more questions.

Jim Merhaut is the Project Coordinator for Lifelong Faith Formation Services and was excited to answer our questions.  Please enjoy our interview below!

1. Can you start by giving a brief run-down of what Fashioning Faith is and why it exists? is an affordable subscription website which provides lifelong faith formation resources and training for ministry staff and volunteers in Catholic churches. Here’s a link to the homepage:

2. Who is Fashioning Faith targeted at and how do they use it?

Fashioning Faith is designed to bring the Church’s vision for lifelong faith formation alive in parishes. We develop resources targeted at parish faith formation directors. They subscribe to the site and download leadership resources and faith formation session for adults, teens, children, and families. We are one of the few places providing these age-specific session plans along with complete intergenerational session plans. We wrote the book on this stuff, and people trust us to provide the best.

3. Please tell us about who is behind Fashioning Faith and who is writing the Curriculum?

I work with a small team at the Center for Ministry Development, including Joan Weber and Jane Angha, under the supervision of Tom East, the Director of the Center. We provide the vision for Fashioning Faith. I also have a team of about 25 writers from around the country. Most of them are implementing lifelong faith formation in parishes. Some work in diocesan religious education offices. Here’s a link to our author information page.

The Center not only offers the resources found on Fashioning Faith, but we also provide comprehensive training and ongoing support for parish teams to give them the tools they need develop the vision and practice of lifelong faith formation.

4. In regard youth ministry (reaching youth in grades 7-12), what are some of the things that we can find and/or look forward to in Fashioning Faith?

We upload twelve new youth ministry sessions each year on the site. But the best youth ministry resources provided by the Center are found on our other websites: Youth Ministry Access High School and Youth Ministry Access Middle School. They are packed with outstanding resources for comprehensive youth ministry. These sites are for youth ministry what Fashioning Faith is for lifelong faith formation. Cheryl Tholcke, is the Project Coordinator for Youth Ministry Access. Check it out at

5. What’s next for Fashioning Faith?

We’re very excited about the latest resources to hit the website. They are called Faith Festivals and First Steps for Families. They are designed for parishes who want to work toward the goal of providing faith formation for everyone in the community, but they don’t know where to start. These resources will get them started, and then we have others to keep them going. Click here for a sneak peak.

6. How can we learn more about Fashioning Faith?

Go to and browse around, or contact Jim Merhaut for a free live webinar tour: or 330-286-3757.

Thank you Jim!

We are thankful to Jim and the staff at CMD for the great resources they are making available!