Rosary Couples – Small Group Idea


These youth ministry small group ideas are just quick little things you can do with a small group to mix things up a bit.

Rosary Couples

As an activity to start the small group meeting have everyone break in to two or three people, give them a rosary, instructions on how to say the rosary, and tell them to go somewhere and say it together.  Being uncomfortable with this is ok, it is an activity that will stretch them a little bit.  Tell them they can go on a walk, sit somewhere comfortable, go the chapel, etc.  Leave it open to them.

Some groups will struggle through it, some will be done early and have time to talk, but all will have an experience they will remember for awhile.

Be sure to give them a set time to be back.  If they go over that time, great!  They are probably building relationships.

I have had the best experience with this when I put people together that do not necessarily know each other that well.