Saints JeoPARODY | An Awesome Powerpoint Game For All Saint’s Day!

Saints Jeoparody | All Saints Youth Ministry Game

One of my favorite approaches to youth ministry was taught to me by a dear friend and mentor. He always told me to, “trick them into learning.” It’s a simple philosophy – even Mary Poppins had it down. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. And in this technological age, multimedia is a pretty sweet way to get the medicine (and the catechetical moment) to go down.

So when it comes to doing an overview, a review, or even a basic lesson on Saints and Canonization I have had tons of success with this Saints JeoPARODY game I put together a couple of years ago. The premise is exactly as it would be for Jeopardy, except it’s a team sport.

Youth are divided into three groups, each with their own bell to ring in. The host (our Pastor was quite a success as our Alex Trebek) reads the answer, gives some times for teams to discuss their response, and the first team to ring in gets to answer in the form of a question. The catch is that the spokesperson and ringer has to answer IMMEDIATELY. They can’t ring in, then confer with their teammates for an answer. If the team is incorrect, the next team to ring in has a chance to steal. If the team gets the answer correct, they are in control of the board and can pick the next category and dollar amount.

The great part of this game is that you don’t have to restrict yourself to Saints – you can personalize the subject to anything you want it to be. You can also easily update the content to reflect age level difficultly.

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  • Hannah

    Thank you so much, this is great! I switched around some of the questions–a few were really tough! What great-quality work! I can’t wait to use this at our Dia de los Muertos party next week!

    • @a1a2cdf163411b52321ad5437fdfcd23:disqus – So glad you like it. Marie did a great job with this. I can not wait to see what she contributes next!

  • Vanessa

    Wow, wow, wow! This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing!

  • Richard Ferris

    Wow – thanks posting this – great resource! I love how this works with the links!

  • Katrina pratt

    This is ridiculously brilliant!!! Thanks! The questions are probably a bit hard for my younger group which is what I was looking for, but I think I will use it for my older group.
    Totally amazed by you put this together! Thanks!