I recently led a retreat for a confirmation class and was wanting to try something a little bit different with skits.  Retreatant led skits are becoming a bigger thing for me because I am learning how much it builds teams and opens people up a little quicker.  It also brings out some gifts of acting, drama, and creativity from groups very quickly.  Not only that, but brings a time of humor and lightens the mood a bit.

This time we gave everyone a theme and the theme was a gift of the Holy Spirit.  We also gave them three random lines that had to be said sometime during the skit.  The skits were great and the lines actually became useful in developing a skit from scratch.

I put together a list of 50 lines that could be used for this type of activity.  You can use as many per group as you would like.  I would recommend 2-4.   We gave all of the groups about 15 minutes to meet and prepare the skit and then we performed them for each other.

It is also good to hand out props and costumes.  Visit your local Salvation Army and you will be amazed at what you can find.


50 Skit Improv Lines – Printable .pdf

Have more lines?  Put some in the comments section so others can use them also!