Spit It Out Junior! – Small Group Icebreaker


This youth ministry small group activity is a great way to crack open a quiet group.  It does take a little preparation but is well worth it.

Materials Needed – Cut out instructions for each person.


This small group activity is fairly simple.  Here are your instructions.

  1. Have group come up with one noun and two adjectives to describe that noun.  Have them say it together (example….big brown fox)
  2. Now you are going to pass out different ways that each person will have to say that phrase.  The rest of the group will have to guess how each person is trying to communicate the phrase, so it is important that no one else see the different ways that each person receives.  Give one or two ways to each person.  You can give two and have them choose the better one.
  3. Now go around the circle and have each person do what they are supposed to do, following the instructions they were given.  They can not use any hints that are not given with the instructions. Once it is guessed, they are done.
  4. Go through each person until everyone’s is guessed.

Examples you can use.

  1. Spell It Out
  2. Say it Backwards with a French accent
  3. Say it with just the vowels
  4. Don’t say anything (awkward silence)
  5. Act it out (no talking)
  6. Say it like it’s your last dying breath
  7. Smile big while saying it (show teeth)

Have other ideas people can use?  Share them in the comments section!