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Fashioning Faith - Lifelong Faith Formation

Resource Interview: Jim Merhaut from Fashioning Faith

The Center for Ministry Development (CMD) has been known for putting out great content in many different areas.  They have a section on their website that is devoted to Lifelong Faith Formation.  After reviewing some of the materials available through their site on the Fashioning Faith resource, we were very intrigued and excited about the […]

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Project Youth Ministry: Is Your Pastor on Board?

What would happen if your youth ministry program was supported 100% by your pastor?  Imagine what you could do if the pastor of your parish dedicated any resources that you needed to accomplish the biggest goal(s) you could think of for the youth in your parish.  You could launch a program full force with one […]

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USCCB Provides Resources to Help Us “take up the call of the New Evangelization”

On April 18th, the USCCB released a new document titled “Disciples Called to Witness: The New Evangelization.”  The preface of the document states that The Committee on Evangelization and Catechesis seeks to take up the call of the New Evangelization with this online resource. Diocesan bishops, eparchs, pastors, diocesan and parish staff, and indeed all […]

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Youth Ministry is in Our Blood

One thing I have faced often as I reach out to adults to be involved in youth ministry is the common belief that they feel that they are just not cut out for it.  It sort of strikes a nerve with me because it is usually a parent of one of the youth that says […]

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