Game: Bunny Bunny Toki Toki


I was in a meeting this past summer at one of summer missionary training times and heard a crazy game going on outside.  When I walked out and watched them, they were playing this game.  Before I even give the instructions, the reason I love this game is because there is so much energy that [...]

Icebreaker: Banana Pass


This is pretty clever youth ministry icebreaker that I found while searching YouTube for some ideas. Icebreaker Instructions Have two or more teams.  Have them lie down on their backs in a long line (one persons head at the other persons feet).  The person at the front starts with a banana in between their feet [...]

Icebreaker: Two Truths and a Lie


I just had to add this to the library here because we just did the game as an icebreaker in one of our youth group meetings.  It is very simple. Every person must come up with two truths and one lie about themselves.  You will go around one by one and have each person share [...]

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Game: Throw Down


This is a simple icebreaker that I have used several times.  It is great in that it requires people to share about themselves, but in a competitive way. Supplies Needed You will need 20-25 pieces of paper for each person.  I just give everyone one sheet of paper and have them tear it into 20 [...]

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Ooga Booga Game


This is a catholic youth ministry game that involves just three people and is an excellent icebreaker game.   I have met a few in youth ministry that do not agree with games that embarrass someone.  If you are one of those people then I apologize, but this game is not for you. You do [...]

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Ninja – The Youth Ministry Game That is Taking Over…


...You may have seen this game before and not really understood what was going on. The game is called Ninja. It is an extremely easy game to figure out and explain but can take a lifetime to master. Youth Ministers like it simply because they will play and analyze it more than anyone else, ensuring that they could beat any youngster up for the challenge...

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