Five Person Relay


A good relay can go a long ways.  Here’s an idea that you can manipulate and make your own. Person 1) spins 10 times around a giant pixie stick and then runs to person 2 Person 2) breaks open the pixie stick eats AND swallows a mouthful, then crab walking to person 3 Person 3) [...]

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Towel Throw


Here’s a quick game that works in almost any setting…plus everybody gets to play. All you need is a hand towel (or dish towel). Here’s how you do it. Prior to the game, tie a small knot in the middle of a hand towel. (You may want to do this to several hand towels to [...]

Screaming Toes


Materials = None People needed = at least 5. If you have more than 25 people, it may be good to split them in to two groups. First have everyone shake each others hand and introduce themselves to each other. Then have everyone stand in a circle. Directions: Everyone will look down at their feet. [...]

Hunter, Gorilla, Woman


Materials = none This game is like rock, paper, scissors. We play it with individuals, if you browse around there is a group/team version of this game. Have everyone grab a partner and stand back to back. Count to three and have them turn around and do an action. You can create your own actions [...]

Johnny Whoop


Johnny Whoop is that involves have the youth 'figure out' the rules.  You start by showing them the way to do it and then having them learn how. I've found a great video explaining the game. Great, especially because the gal that recorded was clearly the subject of the game at some point!

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