The Narrator Skit

The Narrator Skit - Catholic Youth Ministry Skits

Ever needed to fill in a small time bit? Ever needed something original? Fresh? Improvised? Ever had a bit of creative genius that doesn’t really make sense? Ever had copious amounts of left-overs that would make seemingly disgusting meals? Well… Add all these together and you have a perfect recipe for the Narrator Skit!

The Narrator Skit is a simple skit that has little set up time, little preparation, and can have up to weeks of clean-up depending on the narrator. The general idea is having a main person, usually with a cool voice, as the narrator. Their job is to be the only person to speak throughout the skit and tell everyone else what to do.

The narrator usually finds different props: random left-overs you find in the kitchen, markers, toys or anything you can find, literally anything, and makes the actors act out a scene with the props.

The other people you need are the actors, their job is to do whatever the narrator says, and I mean whatever. The point is to get the actors to do ridiculous things that make the audience glad they’re not involved. This is especially fun when you have food for the skit, youth surprisingly appreciate watching people eat beef base, soy sauce, pickle juice, Tabasco, Hershey’s strawberry syrup and ketchup on a hot dog bun.

The narrator skit can also be done with no supplies necessary. Just have the narrator tell a story, and assign characters to the actors, you can make this really fun by having guys act out “valley girl” persona’s, or making a volunteer or youth minister an odd character, such as a pet or baby. Just anything that is random, slightly embarrassing for those involved, safe, and

Also, this skit can be used as an ice-breaker, just call up volunteers from the audience! (I would modify the skit a tad)

The Narrator skit is a fun way to release those random, bizarre, and sometimes scary ideas youth ministers get and put them to good use!