The Top 14 Facebook Pages A Catholic Youth Worker Should ‘Like’


I currently “like” 358 pages on my Facebook page. I actually use my Facebook newsfeed as more of a place for me to get the latest news and such in the different interests that I have. I thought I would share you with my Top 10. I am basing this top ten off of a few things, but mostly the quality of content that I receive from them. Obviously with over 350 likes I could include many more, but I thought I would allow the readers here to share theirs in the comments as well. These are pages that are active (not too active) and that I actually read what they are writing on Facebook instead of just skimming by them. ¬†In no particular order, here you go!

  1. Mark Hart (The Bible Geek)
  2. Simply Youth Ministry
  3. Lifeteen
  4. Skit Guys
  5. NCCYM
  6. Average Youth Ministry
  8. Youth Leader Stash
  9. One Time Blind
  10. Only 144
  11. FOCUS
  12. Catholic Tech Talk
  13. Youth Ministry Ideas
  14. Leah Darrow

We are also very bias against our own Network Pages

  1. Catholic Youth Ministry Hub
  2. Prepared Catholic
  3. Youth Ministry Videos
  4. Discussing Stuff

Again, please add your own favorites in the comments section below!

Photo courtesy of  owenmbrown on Flickr.