Twitter Profiles For Catholic Youth Ministers To Follow


I am not extremely active on Twitter (you can find me here), but I do enjoy checking in on Twitter every now and then.  I will start by adding my own favorite’s and then looking towards those of you who may be more actively involved to add them in the comments section below.

First off I must start by mentioning the accounts that I run

  • Eric Gallagher
  • Catholic Youth Ministry Hub

My Top 10 in 2012 List.

  • Pope Benedict XVI
  • Jack Regan
  • Michael Marchand
  • Busted Halo
  • Mark Hart
  • D. Scott Miller
  • John Rinaldo
  • Chris Stefanick
  • Jason Evert
  • Chris Padgett

Did we forget you or someone else you think should’ve been mentioned?  Please include them in the comments section below!

  • Honored to be in the list!

    Other people to follow:
    – Fr. James Martin, SJ (@jamesMartinSJ)
    – Marcel LeJeune (@MarcelLeJeune)
    – Alison Griswold (@alisongriz)
    – Marc Cardaronella (@MCardaronella)
    – Joia Farmer (@JoiaFarmer)
    – Chris Wesley (@ChrisRWesley)
    – Imagine Sisters (@imagine_sisters)

  • FINALLY I make one of these lists 🙂

  • Ellen Teague

    See for material on Mission from the Columban Missionary Society. Excellent resources section. Strong on Justice, Peace and Ecology.