Yes I’m Here Cards – Youth Ministry Attendance Idea

Yes I'm Here Cards - Youth Group Attendance Idea

One of the best things I began doing in my youth group is that each week I would have all of the youth fill out these “Yes, I’m Here” cards.  When they first came we got all of their information so that we could keep a database, but each week I wanted to volunteers to gain at least a little more knowledge about the youth that were in their small group.

The cards were very simple.  They had “Yes, I’m Here” on the top with the date below it.  The youth checked if they were in Junior High or High School and then they answered a simple question.  We changed the question each week.  Sometimes it was funny, sometimes it was serious.  Most importantly, the question was intended to reveal something about that youth to us so that we could get to know them more and more.

We were going to provide a sample, but it’s really that simple!  Try it you’ll like it!

  • Brofreddj

    Thanks, like that idea

  • St Cat YM

    Love the idea! Any chance you can give a sample of the card format?