YouTube Subscriptions & Who To Follow


I was recently checking out some of my favorites on YouTube and thought it would be a good resource to share with you.  We have been really digging into YouTube a little lately to start beefing up our new site “Youth Ministry Videos.”  This site is just another small step in the tons of resources we want to expose you to online.

This article is about following others on YouTube.  You are probably aware that you can ‘like’ people on Facebook and ‘follow’ people on Twitter.  Well you can do the same things with YouTube.  People who post videos on YouTube create a channel (a profile) where all of their content is stored.  You can follow what these people are doing in a few different ways.  I have created a simple screenr to demonstrate how to do it and have included it below.

Who To Subscribe To:

Here is quick list of a few ‘musts’ for Catholic youth minister to subscribe to.  One reason I am writing this post is also for others to share with me people that they follow.  If you know of others, please include them in the comments section below.

I am sure I am missing a ton of great ones and will gladly add them to the list if you guys suggest them.  Please do so in the comments below.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to subscribe to you favorites!